Athletic Scholarships at George Mason

This brochure, by the department of George Mason Athletic Scholarships, elaborates on how athletic scholarships work at George Mason University. According to the department of Intercollegiate Athletics, athletic scholarships are offered to student-athletes by the discretion of each coach, with the consent of the Associate Athletic Director, and the final approval of the Director of Student Financial Aid. The scholarships offered must meet the guidelines prescribed by the University, the Colonial Athletic Association (also known as CAA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (also known as the NCAA). The brochure then briefly explains the tuition, room, and board for student-athletes. For example, whether in-state or out-of-state, student-athletes are covered by their scholarship for up to sixteen credit hours a semester. For room on campus, students are covered for the cost of a four person, on-campus apartment in the TAP housing area. For board, only a “200 Block” meal plan is covered. Lastly, books are provided for the students only for the courses that require it and only for student-athletes receiving a full scholarship. This brochure is helpful in giving information on athletic scholarships at Mason and how they work.

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