George Mason Study Abroad Scholarships

In the George Mason University study abroad page, the Global Education Office elaborates on the Global Perspectives Scholarship they offer for students wanting to study abroad. According to the Global Education Office, the scholarship is only available to students participating in a Global Education Office (GEO) summer or winter program. The scholarship awards range from $250 to $750; in addition, the award varies on the student’s application. To qualify for this scholarship, students must have a strong academic record, explain their reason for financial need, and show their passion for the studying abroad and the program they are currently. The Committee suggests sharing a personal story or circumstance that helps the students benefit from their program and the award. In addition to these requirements, students applying must have a cumulative GPA of 2.25, an active application to a Global Education Office (GEO) program by the scholarship application deadline, and must either be an undergraduate or graduate student at the time he or she applies. This article is helpful in showing how George Mason offers a variety of scholarships, not just for students based on merit or for student-athletes, but also for those who want to study abroad.

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